Non-Travel-related ¦¦ K9 Scam at Burgos Circle, BGC

Reposting a facebook message sent by a concerned K9 / animal rights advocate :

K9 Scam - burgos circle

Friends, I'm sending this as a personal note since the ones affected are on FB and didn't want to blast it to the general public.

I realize I can only send to XX amnt of folks so I'm sending several copies out to the others (in case you don't see their names above)
There are three "K9" trainers hanging out in Burgos Circle BGC Taguig who are currently training some bulldogs, boxers, husky pups the painful and inhumane way with choke chains and other harmful approaches such as punishing the dog for not following the command.

One's name is Lastico, the other is Vince - no other info available.

The style is that they will befriend/ ligaw all the doggy yayas in the area. They charge Php30,000 per dog or will give a discount of Php 45,000 for two dogs. The amount is insane!

First Lastico who is the K9 Supervisor is a skinny guy and extremely arrogant. He was seen spitting in the mouths of the poor boxer puppy and husky puppy while they were tied to a tree. The lady that hired him gave him a copy of the condo keys so he can go in and out as he pleases.

My story revolves around Vince. He was hired by a US pinoy and was offered a place to stay at their condo since he gave some sob story that he resigned, yadeeyadeeyada...

Of course he was asked to do his part (being paid Php 30,000) and clean up a bit. They bought him clothes and real crocs since they liked and trusted him.

Yesterday, he stole a wallet and it was caught on the CCTV inside the condo. The police were called and there is an NBI report out. Next step is to report him to BGC Security.

The US pinoy called Vince and he apologized and promised to LBC the wallet but not the money.

Apparently, he is also wanted in Bicol because he stole both money and a dog from a breeder who hired him to train. So the accident daughter Bicol thing is a lie.

The arrogant little ^#%^&#%^&#$ will be back in BGC in 2 weeks because another poor soul hired him to train their dog.

We are trying to raise awareness by talking to as many owners as possible.

If any of you have encountered them please take the necessary precautions and respond back to this thread with information.

Now all the fort yayas are siding with Vince since he told them he was being mistreated at the US pinoys house and being made to do "maid" work. The night before he stole the purse the US pinoy caught him hurting the poor dog and was reprimanded.

They are already making their rounds Boni High and Burgos Circle and I wouldn't be suprised if they targeted Tiendesitas.

Latest update as of an hour ago. Lastico and Vince have threatened that they will "get even" if they will be arrested.

These are dognappers and thieves and we are thankful that only the wallet was stolen and not the poor dog. Vince and Lastico befriend the yayas to find out if their dogs are spayed. This is probably so when they steal them the poor dogs can be used for breeding purposes. They expressed interest in my sweet Kahlua and they liked that Hershey has an unusual color. (leave my babies alone!)

Vince has then destroyed the reputation of the person he stole from and all the yayas here are siding with him and will protect him. I pity the owners especially if the innocent dogs are stolen one day.

These people are fast talkers and are good at selling themselves. Do not fall for it.

Please spread the word!

Yesterday at 12:25pm


Happy Easter from Murphy the traveling doggie :)

Happy Easter!

- Murphy, Mommy GlobetrekKY and Dada :)

Murphy Portabelly visits Ilocos Norte.  Saw the beach for the very first time!
This shot taken at the Kapurpurawan rock formation.


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So… you wanna be a travel writer?

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