Itchy Feet Know No Relief.

After almost 2 years of being on a travel "diet" (meaning, only a few trips per year)... the Itchy Feet gang is on the roll again!

Because most of us are corporate geishas (ain't this better sounding than corporate slaves) working in the banking, BPO & O&O industries, long weekends and Philippine holidays are what we live for.  (Peste si PNoy, no holiday economics this year. Boo.)

So it was good that we kicked the year off with New Year in Baguio.  Feb and March were out of the question because I had to stay home and rest after my operation. 

Here are the trips planned for the rest of the year *woot woot!*

  • April - Ilocos OR Caramoan (North or South) road trip
  • May - ??
  • June - ??
  • July - Iloilo & Guimaras (Cebu Pacific & Zest Air sale)
  • August - Roxas (Php 499 CebuPacific sale)
  • September - Boracay (Php 16 Seair sale :))
  • October -Cebu for the hubby & me - attending a wedding :-D
  • November - ??
  • December - ?? (praying - Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, etc)
Except for Boracay, I'm extremely excited about all the other trips! I've been to Ilocos and Caramoan, but there's still tons to see and do!

As for Boracay, (I know I'll have a lot of criticism *insert here*)... but I've never been a fan of Boracay. Yes, nice... it draws a lot of tourists, foreign investments, and all that sh*t.  But at the expense of everything else?  I heard the sand is no longer white and fine, there are too many resorts and bars (what's new. People just care about the moolah), there's too much hedonism (well again $$)... hay buhay.

I probably would've liked Boracay if it weren't  I so overdeveloped and overpopulated with bars and establishments that pollute the once-pristine white sand beach. I'll post siguro my observations once I visit the place again this September.  Would love to try kiteboarding though, and see how Bulabog Beach fares compared to the overrated white (err... hindi na nga daw white) beach. 

Hope everyone (tourists and locals alike) can work together to help with cleanliness, environmental preservation, etc.  Otherwise, wala na tayong pwedeng puntahan next time!  Look what happened to Anawangin & Nagsasa. :(

But anyway, just want to say that the Itchy Feet gang is back putting more pins on their maps.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings :)