It's sooooo NOT nice...

... getting peed on by a dog.

The evidence... + The culprit
Apparently Billy wanted to "greet" his new friend... aka ME.

Say hello to Billy, Dennis's new 'toy' :)  Or should I say, Momo's new toy.


Had a quick get together earlier with the Itchy Feet gang at Mercato Centrale's new location. Honestly, I personally did not like the new location.  I liked their old location better.  And from personal observation, I think they had more visitors before than now. 
  • It was a tad bit dusty.  Or rather, the ground was.  Dusty / dirty. :(
  • Were there fewer vendors? Was trying to find the yummy truffle fries, the fish & chips, and the cute cupcakes with the yummy dates. But didn't get to see them.  Maybe it's just me. :-P  Could not go around much due to my condition.
  • I think the vendors themselves do not like the new location.  I overheard some mentioning... "Ay baket walang signs?" Yada yada...
What I liked now though is that they have regular trash collectors.  I honestly would have preferred if visitors cleaned up after their own mess. CLaYGo = Clean as You Go! Proper etiquette lang naman diba.  Oh, and on a side note, that more trash bins/recycling bins should be put up at the venue.  But then again, maybe that's just me.

I also liked that some of the vendors now have biodegradable containers rather than styro (I HATE STYRO!!!) or plastic bags.  Kudos to the vendor that sells Lavosh and the dips.  She had those cornstarch-based biodegradable containers for her 'healthy' food. She's good with PR too :)

I came across Anton Diaz's feed about Mercato Centrale and I'm happy that he had a "pahabol" ... or postscript about the dang plastic containers :) 
P.S. We are banning plastics, styrofoam containers and plastic bags by April 22, Earth Day. We are looking for eco-friendly solutions for Mercato Centrale. Let us know if you have suggestions!

I didn't get to try a lot of food. It was too hot today, I didn't want to go around and sweat while looking for food. Arte ano? BUT... There was one notable heavenly find... Thanks Kring for the bread pudding creme brulee!

Here's what was left of the yummy bread pudding slash creme caramel slash creme brulee thingie we tried earlier (and after taking the pic, we almost licked the tin clean. Good thing we had our doggies to do that for us). That guy manning the booth... he shoved the free taste to me.. and it was well worth it!! :)  Php 190 a tin c/o Kristina.  YUM-O!
Perfectly bruleed top.  Cracks when you tap your spoon. Yummy x infinity.

(Gosh I need a better camera phone.)
The Bread Pudding Creme Brulee was from Desserts To Go Friday! at MedChef by Chef Hasset Go.

For orders and inquiries:
585-6052 / 0915-487-1332
Look for Jayson, Ritchel or Hasset)
Store Address: 139 Mother Ignacia Ave.,Quezon City, Philippines (Across ABS-CBN)

We even saw Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet taking pictures. I'm such a groupie. :)

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